It’s time we learned to connect with consumers on their terms.Simon Cowart

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Hi, I’m Simon Cowart.

I’m a runner on good days, a maker of a fine cocktails on less well-behaved days, and a technologist through and through. I’ve worked to progress the use of ever modernizing digital technology since I was 14 years old and have worked with passion to adapt new technology both to local businesses and non-profits in my home town of Atlanta, and do the same for some of the world’s most iconic brands.


Because it doesn’t bore me, for one. I can’t stand to be bored. Perhaps it’s the A.D.D. I work tirelessly to both overcome and embrace, but boredom is painful. It’s a waste.

Digital experiences, done right, are experiences that create a relationship with your visitor, your consumer, or your audience that is deeper than a tweet or a page view. It is storytelling. It is engagement. It is immersive. These statements are only true when it is done right.

The secret?

No one is doing this right. I’ve seen the largest enterprises in the world baffled by the question of digital media and it’s proper strategic use. I’ve seen the smallest of businesses terrified of it.

We aren’t properly setting goals to guide our measurement in a data-driven age, and even worse we often fail to measure our success by any true metric of actual success and return. Because of all of that, we are failing to create the experiences that engage and build affinity with our consumers.

But we will. Together.

I have worked to build a global network to manage Social Media Marketing across over 600+ people and 43 social marketing centers for The Coca-Cola Company for the past 4 years, and that was not boring even for a day. But even there we ran into the limits of our definitions of these new media, the question of “where does social fall on the org chart” always confusing for someone who’s never compartmentalized my use of these media. I even had a chance to personally lead our digital celebration of the 100th birthday of the iconic Coca-Cola Contour Bottle with the help of some friends over at Microsoft.

But that’s not the only place I’ve seen this hunger for a defining vertical for this diverse media pervert, and ultimately doom, attempts at strategic implementation. I’ve worked with campaigns, from United States Senate campaigns to statewide PACs, and there it has also been a persistent question. As a founding advisory board member for Unite Blue, I worked with an innovative team to transform twitter advocacy across the 2010 and 2014 campaign cycles.

I’ve built companies like Motion Family, which revolutionized the music video business and lead “rap’s viral offensive” as only a company in Atlanta could do.


Simon F. Cowart • Atlanta, GA
Simon is a social and digital strategist based in Atlanta, GA whose accomplishments span a wide array of challenges and organizations. Most recently, Simon worked as a Global Social Media Strategist with The Coca-Cola Company bringing together 40+ teams, and over 600 associates, worldwide to build one of the largest-scale social marketing operations in the world. Prior to Coca-Cola, Simon split his time between a director role at the head of IT & New Media with an Atlanta non-profit, in addition to running his own business consulting mid-market businesses on high-paced changes in technology, communications and marketing.

Simon lives in Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward with his wife and two beautiful Pit Bulls and spends his personal time running, enjoying a fine cocktail, and experimenting with the art of carpentry.


Contact me. It’s easier that way.

Twitter: @simoncowart

Phone: 404-805-1047

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